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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The One Where I Quit... Smoking

Finally, I'm reconnected!:)

Today happens to be my mom's birthday and as a gift to her, I finally decided to stop smoking. This time, it's for real and for good!

Isn't it easy to do or shall I say, not to do something, if it is not just about you anymore? Being here in my hometown somehow reminded me that all the stuff that I've worked for, I did not just for myself but most importantly, for the most important persons in my life, my parents!

To add, I must have read this somewhere, the ultimate form of giving is that the one you're giving your gift to does not know about it. So unless my mom reads this post, she wouldn't know that I did it for her.

I think what made quitting easier is that my father also quit smoking a few months back after almost 30 yrs of smoking! I myself couldn't believe it at first but he actually did it! I've only been smoking for less than three years so I don't think it should be that hard.:)

So, yes, I am a quitter!!! I think somehow this shows that being a quitter is not always bad, right? Especially if it means that you get to live a healthier life and in turn, have a longer time to spend in this world with the people who matter to you most!:)

Happy All Saints' Day Everyone!:)


  1. Woot! So happy for and proud of you! Gujab!

  2. hahaha! heard you say this for countless times now. but because i'm your friend, i still have faith in you! haha! go go go!